Hire the right fit for competence and culture.

Hiring for skills vs. hiring for culture is a choice no organization should have to make. Bakker Business Services helps you get the right people in the right seat.

Bakker Business Services

Temporary help from top-skilled candidates.

Flexible options to help you hire better.

Narrow your search to the best applicants.

The right candidate, fast.

End-to-end recruiting and onboarding.

Take Back Your Time

Your business or not-for-profit is on a mission to deliver its goods or services in such a way that your work has meaning and impact. Along the way, there are essential new skills to be learned and some critical decisions to be made, such as who to hire when it comes time to grow your team. In fact, every hire your organization makes brings with it a shift in your organization’s culture and ability to deliver on its mission. Statistically, the wrong hire costs an organization around 30% of the new hire’s first-year salary.

It’s a pretty big deal.

Partnering with Bakker Business Services doesn’t just mean finding the right person at the right time. It also means you get access to our team of tenured staffing and HR professionals from our sister company, Bakker Tailored Staffing. We’ve been placing carefully-screened, top-tier professionals in organizations of all sizes since 2009. When you work with us, it means you don’t need to put on a new hat and become an HR professional – you can stay focused on your organization’s mission.

Tailored Services

Most organizations understand the value of partnering with a professional recruiter in order to save time and find the right candidate. Where many struggle is in the perception that professional recruiting services are just too expensive for small organizations or not-for-profits.

The Bakker Tailored Services™ approach means that our services are tailored to your need and budget. We believe every organization, especially not-for-profits, deserves and can benefit from access to a professional HR partner.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

Contract Services

We place professional and technical Contract Service Providers with our Clients, serving as a direct supplier or an MSP supplier. We are the Employer of Record for these Service Providers, taking responsibility for payroll, WSIB, and fringe benefits.

Direct Hire Services

We provide a range of flexible options to help you hire productively.

Post and Shortlist

We will convert your job description into our standard format to attract prime candidates and post a job for a period of 1 month. We will review the applications and submit a shortlist of suitable candidates on a weekly basis for the duration of the posting. You can reach out to these candidates at your discretion.

Post, Shortlist, and Screen

In addition to Posting and Shortlisting, we will Screen all shortlisted candidates. We will only submit qualified candidates who satisfy our screening process, providing you with a summary of each candidate’s relevant skills and attributes. You can reach out to these candidates at your discretion.

Full Placement Service

In addition to a job description and posting, we will search our database and connect with our network to find you the right candidate. Every candidate we submit will be reviewed, screened, and presented with a summary of relevant skills and attributes. We will hone our search for the perfect candidate with regular Client communication and satisfy Client queries by reconnecting with candidates as required. We will schedule interviews and take part in the negotiation to land a selected candidate. When a candidate is chosen, we provide a 90-day placement guarantee.


Skills + Fit

COVID-19 quarantine measures have caused organizations Worldwide to rework how their teams communicate, collaborate, and get things done. Many organizations have shared that the move to fully distributed teams revealed some unfortunate and previously unnoticed competency gaps in their workforce.

Additionally, while traditional hiring philosophies are as unique as each organization and its leadership, there is a pervasive (and, in our opinion, false) dichotomy that hiring managers must choose between hiring for fit and hiring for skillset.

At Bakker Business Services, our staffing and HR professionals have extensive experience screening for skills, but it doesn’t stop there. We are passionate about helping teams honour and nurture their cultures and one lesson we’ve learned from years of placing top-notch professionals is that there is always a perfect fit for every role.

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