Plan to Win™ with our success-engineered business services. That’s the Bakker Difference.

Bakker Business Services

Qualified direct-hire or contract workers.


Bookkeeping and more,
accurate and on-time.


Payroll services engineered
to zero-defects.


Successful, strategically-aligned grant writing services


Growth strategy & execution tailored to your goals.


Scale and ease
through technology.


Engage your audience,
wherever they may be.


Better business decisions
for a healthy future.



Having the right people in the chairs at your organization is a well-known success factor in every space, from global enterprises to the smallest not-for-profit, and making the wrong hire can knock you seriously off course.

At Bakker Business Services, we have deep roots in staffing services, providing expertly-vetted professionals to our clients since the inception of Bakker Tailored Staffing in 2009.

Let us handle your applicant engagement process for you.  From recruitment and candidate vetting to on-boarding or even temporary or contract staffing, we get you the help you need, fast.


Back Office Operations

Cashflow is the lifeblood of every organization, for-profit or otherwise, and having accurate, up-to-date financial records is how your organization can Plan to Win™.

Proper management of your donations, accounts receivable/payable, reconciliation, periodic reporting and annual filings are what helps you make decisions with certainty in an ever-shifting world.

Bakker Business Services’ carefully-engineered Plan to Win™ processes help you focus on the core mission of your business or not-for-profit while our team sweats the details.


Grant Writing

Not-for-profits do some of the most important work on Earth. Social ROI is baked right into their operational models as they work each day to enable and uplift marginalized communities and causes.

The most successful grant writing applications are submitted by organizations who deeply understand the fit between the goals of the grant program and the outcomes that their organization proposes to deliver via the funding.

Partnering with BBS’ Grant Fundraising team brings deep domain experience and expertise that supports the overall success of your not-for-profit.

Want to know if our grant writing services are a fit for your organization? Take our short quiz by clicking the button below!


grant writing services illustrated with person holding oversized pen
growth marketing services illustration where a rocket blasts off from a laptop depicting growth outcomes

Growth Marketing

Many otherwise successful organizations struggle in sharing their own stories strategically in such a way as to contribute to their growth. “If you build it, they will come,” may hold true in the realm of Hollywood story-telling but in the business world, organizations must put energy and intent into spreading the message of their core work.

The world’s most sustainable, successful organizations are the ones who are the best at building and maintaining deep-rooted, long-lasting connection with their key stakeholders and prospects.

Partnering with BBS’ Digital Strategy & Growth team helps you quickly leverage the experience and expertise needed to support the overall success of your organization and helps you thrive in your mission.


Payroll Services

Your team’s financial compensation is one of the top factors in maintaining an engaged and motivated workforce.  Errors in payroll deductions or even payment send an unintended message you don’t want to risk sending.

The Bakker Business Services team has refined our payroll processes for timeliness and accuracy, regularly processing large payrolls with zero defects.

Simplify the payroll for your organization and rely on us to pay your team correctly. Your organization will be compliant with CRA regulations, and your team’s deposits and remittances will be accurate.


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a business imperative that we can either act on or wait for it to act on us, but it will not be avoided.  As the World shifts toward ever-more contactless connectivity, your organization simply must shift with it or be left behind.

The good news is that the complexity of your digital transformation is connected to your needs and structure.  You may even have already begun, and just need some help with strategy and implementation.

Whether it’s improving your accounting processes, your web presence, or how you communicate with the people you serve, the Bakker Business Services team has deep expertise in using technology to bring simplicity and scale to your work.

Virtual Events

The COVID-19 quarantine protocols of 2020 caused us all to have to reimagine how we connect on every level and in every endeavour.  Many businesses who couldn’t figure out how to weather the storm in 2020 will not be with us in 2021.

Social distancing does not remove the necessity of making interpersonal connections and luckily there are many tools available to help you reimagine the way you deliver events and services.

When it comes to virtualizing everything from mastermind meetups, to quarterly meetings with boards or donors, to energized all-day conferences, our team has the experience and resources to keep you connected.


Actionable, strategically aligned advice rooted in wisdom and experience.

The story of your organization is told in many ways; from your past deeds to your communications and financial reporting.  Stories and reporting are great because they give us data, but data is useless without actionable insights.

Partnering with Bakker Business Services gives you access to subject matter experts across a variety of impactful business disciplines.  It’s like having a personalized advisory board to help you push forward in your organizational mission.

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