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The Bakker Business Services marketing services team has decades of experience, from live events, to pure-digital, to channel marketing.

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Bakker Business Services

Branding & Awareness

Workshopping the branding and positioning of your organization to tell a cohesive brand story.

Execution & Automation

Sales, channel, and field enablement. Content and automation to scale your growth efforts.

Analytics & Optimization

Smart next steps based on real marketing performance data.

Digital Strategy

B2B and B2C digital strategy to define and reach key target audiences.

Digital Media & Search Optimization

Optimizing your website and other digital properties so prospects can easily find you.


Transact always-on, lights-out retail and other sales with tailored technology applications.

Take Back Your Time

Many characteristics contribute to an organization’s success, and it’s undeniable that effective, efficient delivery of their core work is the most crucial of them all. However, having a remarkable product or service simply isn’t enough to drive organizational success – you need customers and clients.

This is where many otherwise-successful organizations struggle.

They’re not sure how to best share their own stories strategically in such a way as to contribute to their growth. “If you build it, they will come” may hold true in the realm of Hollywood storytelling, but in the business world, organizations must put energy and intent into spreading the message of their core work.

Partnering with Bakker Business Services gives you instant access to decades of inter-disciplinary marketing experience, from live events to pure-digital to channel marketing.
It means that once you’ve made the decision to start sharing your story, your organization can hit the ground running. When you work with us, it means you don’t need to learn a new discipline and suite of tools – you can stay focused on your organization’s mission and leave the marketing to us.

Growth Strategy

There has never been a better time for marketing to drive and measure outcomes for organizations. As the number of people accessing the Internet explodes globally, the tools available for a marketer to deploy and measure a cohesive, linear growth strategy have grown exponentially.

Introducing your organization or brand to a broader audience starts with understanding who the people are that you need to reach and then building a deep understanding of how to best deliver resonant messaging to them. In short,
     Who is your target audience?
     What are they doing now?
     What do you hope to influence them to do differently?

Like any strategy-building and execution, successful marketing means being able to think big picture, then get tactical across a broad spectrum of skills. The Bakker Business Services Marketing team knows that these strategic “think” jobs are nothing without executing the corresponding tactical “do” jobs.

Speed to Outcomes

COVID-19 quarantine measures have caused organizations Worldwide to rework how their teams communicate, collaborate, and get things done. Many organizations have shared that the move to fully distributed teams revealed some unfortunate and previously unnoticed competency gaps in their workforce. Anecdotally, this appears especially true in the realms of marketing and communication, where some candidates may have a flair for the written word or enthusiasm for a particular digital tool but perhaps have a limited eye for the bigger picture.

As marketing becomes an ever-more technically dependent organizational discipline, it makes sense to look for ways that your organization can hack the growth curve as much as possible.

Engaging Bakker Business services means that your organization can move quickly toward its growth goals, accessing a host of skilled, experienced marketers and content builders for around the same price you might pay for a junior team member.

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