Expertise and process that’s always on, so you can focus on your mission.

Payroll tables, government compliance, cash flow management – seemingly trivial tasks with decidedly non-trivial implications. Bakker Business Services gets them done right and on time.

Bakker Business Services

Simplify your payroll, pay accurately, stay compliant.

Transaction record-matching for balanced accounting.

Pay and get paid on time, every time.

Cashflow is the lifeblood of the org; know where you stand.

Recording, calculating, and filing to keep you compliant.

Manage your organization better with accurate, timely reporting.

Take Back Your Time

Starting a new company or not for profit is an exciting endeavour. It’s exciting because your potential to change the World feels limitless. Your organization feels uniquely qualified and empowered to deliver on your mission and have an impact in whichever way your vision dictates. Along the way, however, every organization is bombarded with necessary tasks and “administrivia” that don’t directly support the delivery of their mission. Even worse, it takes up the valuable time of essential team members.

Another common issue is that many organizations “don’t’ know what they don’t know.” It’s a commonly used phrase, but when it comes to crucial matters such as tax compliance and not-for-profit status filings and reporting, the consequences of these knowledge gaps can be crippling or even devastating to an organization.

At Bakker Business Services, our team does know, and we’re here to help you take back your time and thrive in your mission. Our back-office professionals have taken their deep domain experience in SMB and not-for-profit finance and engineered systems to help ensure that your organization’s books are complete and compliant.

Instant Competence

Partnering with Bakker Business Services for your back-office operations, such as bookkeeping and payroll services, gives exceptional leverage to your growing organization. It means that you can instantly spin up a finance team of tenured experts for less time and expense than you might invest in finding a part-time, junior person for the role.

This means your organization can easily and inexpensively stay tax compliant. It means paying your people accurately and on time. It means that you don’t accidentally overpay taxes – a more common issue than you would think. In some cases, it means protecting an organization’s legal not-for-profit status. In all cases, it means that senior leadership knows that their finances and filings are in good order so their team can focus on the vital work at hand.

Here’s a quick overview of some of our tailored back-office services:

Payroll Management

Our team has engineered repeatable, accurate systems to prepare and deliver vast payrolls for our clients, delivering precise, timely payments with zero defects.


Transaction record-matching of all your organization’s financial interactions. It makes for balanced accounting and a balanced chequebook.

Accounts Receivable & Payable

The only thing worse than accidentally incurring late payment fees is when your organization receives payments late because you fell behind on invoicing. With Bakker Business Services, you pay and get paid on time, every time. We also have in-house expertise in the collection of charitable donations for your not-for-profit.

Cashflow Management

Organizations with a deep understanding of their cashflow and its cycles are organizations that can plan and maneuver with greater certainty. Our team gets you there.

Tax Management

Having a team of up-to-date tax experts in your corner recording, calculating, and filing to keep you compliant helps keep your organization in the government’s good graces and protects your organization from paying fines or overpayment.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are how your SMB or not-for-profit stays accountable to itself and its stakeholders. Manage and grow your organization better with accurate, timely reporting.


Zero Downtime

Partnering with Bakker Business Services means that you have access to an always-on finance department. That means your organization doesn’t even have to deal with sick days, employee churn or other issues that can negatively affect the stewardship of your finances and cash flow. It’s part of the Bakker difference.

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